4-Volume Print Subscription to Amped Asia Magazine

Amped Asia

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4-Volume Print Subscription to Amped Asia Magazine

We're not some cheap magazine printed on sh*tty paper. Each volume of Amped Asia magazine is printed on high quality paper. We're more of a coffee table book than your regular print magazine. We also print in very limited quantities, so every issue we sell is a collector's item*

Your subscription includes 4 print volumes. We publish volumes every few months. Your subscription may extend past a year depending on our publishing schedule.

Your first issue will be the current print issue, and you'll get your next issue within the first 2-4 weeks of every month that we release an issue.

*Because we print such limited quantities, a subscription ensures you get every issue we print!

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We only offer first class shipping for the subscription.

To change your shipping address / or ask questions:

Email kevin@ampedasia.com with your old shipping address and your new one, and we'll change your subscription info.


I was on the year subscription, but you guys stopped printing monthly. Why?

We've moved onto "volumes." You will still get all of your issues, but it may be longer than a year to get all your issues.

How often do you print?

Once every quarter. We've moved onto a "volume" system instead of monthly.

We print once every quarter.

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