Vol 23: Marie Madore (PRINT EDITION)


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Wow, another year of Amped Asia, and we’re still alive and kicking.

This year has been quite a ride, and it feels like every year is getting shorter. We’ve had some amazing cover models this year, and we’re really ending the year with a bang. Marie Madore is easily one of the hottest Asian models in the industry, and we’re super happy to get her on this issue.

Besides her, we’ve got some killer models who we think are going to be big-time. Julie Meka and Debbie Sath are more established models, but we’ve never featured them before in Amped Asia.

Ami Haruna and Siray Kong have been featured previously, but we’re glad they’re back for more. We shot Siray Kong’s new bikini line for this issue, so we highly recommend you guys check that out.

We also have some amazing spreads with Jenny Sakura, Anthia Mo, and Ayumi Anime.

We’re always trying to find the hottest Asian models in the world to shoot, so if you think you have what it takes for 2018, send our model coordinator an email (emma@ampedasia.com)

Until next time,

Kevin “Hype” Tang

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